What in the world are mums?


Mums (for girls) and garters (for boys) are a Taylor High School tradition. Mums and garters may be worn to school all day and to the Homecoming Pep Rally, as well as to the football game that night. (except for band students who must be in uniform at the game, and the football players, who might have trouble catching passes with garters on their arms!)

Although mums and garters are sometimes purchased by homecoming dates (for example, the girl would order a garter for her date and he would order a mum for her), you don’t need to have a “date” to Homecoming to wear a mum or garter! Sometimes they are bought by a student’s good friend, or by their parents or relatives, or even bought by a student for herself or himself.

Mums and garters are available in a variety of sizes and options. Taylor tradition is that Freshmen and Sophomores wear blue/white/silver mums, Juniors wear silver/white mums, and Seniors wear gold/white mums.

Mums and garters are NOT worn to the Homecoming Dance on Saturday night… that is more of a semi-formal affair, and if flowers are worn at all, they are boutonnieres, corsages or wrist corsages, from a florist.

Parent volunteers from the JET (James E. Taylor) Band Boosters will be happy to assist you with making selections when you order your mum or garter. You will be able to view the Mum Mobile (display cabinet) at lunch Main Commons on selected days.

After school starts, you will be able to see all the mum and garter choices online. You’ll be able to do some advance planning at home if you prefer before submitting your order. You will be able to download the order forms online. Order forms are also available to pick up from the mum sales table.

Payments may be made online through PayPal or by check/cash at school.

All proceeds from mum sales benefit Taylor Band… so besides the fun and school spirit you’ll display by wearing a mum/garter on Homecoming, the funds go to a great cause!

Questions? Email mums@jetband.org and we’ll be happy to assist you!