• JET Band Yearbook


    The first annual JET Band Yearbook!

    We are producing an 80-page full color, hardcover yearbook to capture band highlights from school year 2018-2019. Guarantee your copy and order today!

    Deadline for orders is on April 1st.

    Delivery will be made at the Band Banquet on May 10th, and during class on May 13th.

    Questions? Email Sharon Mitchell at

  • Yearbook Ad


    Deadline extended to March 8th.

    Show love to your student and support to the band through our first annual band yearbook! Prices vary from 1/4, 1/2 to full page ads.

    NEW 1/8 page ad! Or business card size.

    Ad Space is for business advertising or personal space to honor your child, friends etc. Depending on space purchased we can put 3+ photos/logos, etc. Send your ads or photos and message to Sharon Mitchell at